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Our founding

We established the Pale Green Dot Foundation with the aim of achieving social and environmental change through food. Working with not-for-profit organisations and community groups, we’re developing initiatives to educate and empower people to be conscious environmental citizens. From field to fork, we explore how our food system can be better utilised to reduce global emissions, conserve natural resources, protect growers’ welfare, support communities and achieve food security for all.


The Pale Green Dot Foundation believes in the power of food to drive environmental, social and cultural change.

Through education and engagement, we use food as a tool to connect producers and consumers to build a functional food system - a food system that works for the environment, consumers and producers.


Through research we will investigate how we can tackle elements of the climate crisis involved in both food production and consumption. We aim to achieve a more sustainable food system and a world with reduced global carbon ‘food-print’. We will share knowledge and generate behavioural change through workshops, campaigns and collaboration.

Our farmers continue to experiment with new techniques and skills to produce excellent quality produce with a focus on soil health.


Pale Green Dot Foundation works with not-for-profit organisations and community groups developing initiatives that unite chefs, growers and the community to educate, engage and empower. Through food and growing skills we invite children and adults to the farm to support practical learning and teach new skills.

We seek to support our communities in reconnecting to nature, offering spaces for rehabilitation and restoration.


We encourage food-system awareness through education, collaboration and advocacy. Bridging the gap between consumer and producer the Pale Green Dot Foundation combines our research with expert knowledge to deliver educational workshops in schools, prisons, with various charities and in intergenerational settings. Using food and education, we provide the opportunity for agricultural engagement, supporting practical learning, bringing people together and driving deep rooted change.

Yellow courgetter being picked on sustainable farm

Food security

Access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right. Partnering with our farmers and chefs, Pale Green Dot Foundation works closely with food banks and kitchens in Brighton and London. We ensure all surplus is donated and cooked to serve fresh and nutritious food for the community. Collaborating with volunteers through gleaning projects, we work to reduce farm-level food waste. This involves manual collection of produce after farmers have harvested their main crop, rescuing food which can be redistributed within the local community. We plan to build community food gardens, teaching urban gardening skills and highlighting the importance of access to local and seasonal food, for the health of people and the planet.

The foundations

key values

A functional food system is one that works for the environment, consumers and producers.

We believe that by promoting sustainability in agriculture and tackling food poverty we can help achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in encouraging better ways to produce and consume food to help nourish our soils and alleviate the climate crisis.

We want to positively impact the health and well being of our community: greater education around food is key to the health of both humans and the planet.

We believe that the most sustainable way to eat is by eating locally- and ethically-sourced food and harvested seasonally.

By helping to improve nutrition and food education within prisons, we aim to promote decreases in reoffending rates and a reduction in mental health crises within and beyond correctional settings.

Finally, we believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right.

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