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Here are some common questions about pale green dot!


Our Products + Services

My Account + Subscriptions


Problems + Troubleshooting

Our Products + Services

  • What products/boxes does pale green dot offer?

    We offer a large variety of products from small fruit and veg boxes (perfect for 2 people) to larger weekly staples boxes (ideal for a family). We also offer lots of different ‘add-on’ essential products, like bread and milk, that you can add to any order. You can browse our entire selection of products here.

     Almost all of our boxes are available as both one-off or as subscriptions so you can get fresh produce direct to your door every week or two.

  • Can I customise my box(es)?

    At present we don’t offer customisation to our boxes.

    This helps us keep wastage to an absolute minimum and ensure we remain as sustainable as possible. 

    While you can’t customise the contents of your box we do offer a variety of ‘add-on’ products so you can customise your order to have it include everything you need for your week’s cooking.

  • Do I get the same items in my box every week?

    Since our boxes are filled with seasonal produce contents vary week to week and season to season.

    Our veg boxes will generally always contain a few standard staples like onions, potatoes, carrots etc with other items changing every two weeks.

     On the product pages we have a ‘What’s Inside’ which will give you a better idea of what produce you can expect in your box.

  • Can I try a box before I start a subscription?

    Of course! We offer all of our products as one-off boxes meaning you can try them before committing to a subscription.

    Once you have found the perfect box for you, then we recommend you start a subscription so that you can take advantage of the free delivery we offer on all subscription boxes.

  • What subscriptions do you offer?

    We offer weekly and fortnightly subscriptions for most of our boxes. For some boxes, like our wine boxes, we offer a monthly subscription.

     If weekly or fortnightly doesn’t suit you then please reach out to our customer service team (you can find the best way to contact them at the bottom of this page) and we can sort a frequency that works for you!

     Remember that you can always skip weeks whenever you want even when you are signed up for a weekly or fortnightly subscription.  

  • How long do I need to commit to a subscription for?

    We don’t have a minimum commitment for our subscriptions!

    Here at pale green dot we believe in offering completely flexible subscriptions and putting the customer in complete control, this means you can cancel or pause your subscription whenever you want.

  • Can I get a box less often than every 2 weeks?

    Yeah of course! If a fortnightly subscription is too often for you then please reach out to our customer service team and we will be more than happy to help you set up a less frequent subscription that works for you.

    Remember you can always skip or pause a delivery if you want to temporarily reduce the frequency of your boxes or if you're not around for a week or two.

  • I have allergies/dietary requirements, do you have a box for me?

    We have boxes that are suitable for a variety of dietary requirements from Vegan or Dairy Free Weekly Staples boxes to Gluten Free Beer boxes.

  • Is the produce locally sourced?

    We source as much produce as possible from local farms within the UK and South East, however some produce will come from further afield depending on the season and that week’s harvest.

    We are continually expanding our network of local farms to ensure we source as much produce locally and keep everything super fresh!

  • Is your produce organic?

    Some produce is grown using organic methods but is not certified as organic.

  • Is my produce washed before it is delivered?

    Nope, we don’t wash the produce before it is delivered to ensure the journey from farm to door is as quick as possible!

  • How do I use a discount code that I have?

    If you have a discount code, then you will be asked to enter it at the checkout.

    You can only use one discount code at a time and you can’t combine them with any special offers that are applied to your cart, for example, the 2 x Two Tribes (6pk) for £20 offer.

My Account + Subscriptions

  • I’ve received an email about activating my account, what should I do?

    The reason you have received this email is because we have now launched our new website for all home deliveries! We have made some tech changes to improve the customer experience however it does mean we need you to follow some simple instructions to set up your subscription on our new site.

    You should have already received an email inviting you to activate your new account however if you can’t find it then don’t worry, just reach out to our customer service team (you can find the best way to contact them at the bottom of this page) and they can send this email again!

    We’ve made a super easy to follow tutorial to help you set up your new subscription, which you can get here!

     (There are some written instructions in the description of the video if word’s are more your thing!)

  • How do I manage my subscription?

    To manage your subscription login to your account here and click ‘manage subscriptions’ once you have logged into your account.

    If it is your first time managing your subscription after placing an order then you might need to create your account before you can manage your account. You can do this here or by click the big green ‘Yes’ button.

  • Can I change the day I receive my box?

    Definitely! In order to change your delivery day please reach out to our customer service team and they will be more than happy to get it changed to your desired day. (You can find the best way to contact them at the bottom of this page).

  • Can I change to a different box?

    Yeah of course you can!

    If you are wanting to swap to a different box, then you will need to reach out to our customer service team and we will be more than happy to sort this for you! (You can find the best way to contact them at the bottom of this page). Be sure to reach out before you are charged for your current box otherwise the swap might not take effect until the following delivery.

  • Can I skip a delivery?

    Sure! Skipping a delivery (or multiple) is super easy, simply log in to your account and click ‘Manage Subscription’.
    Expand the ‘Manage Upcoming Orders’ section, find the order you wish to skip and click ‘skip shipment’.

    The order date showing will not be the day your box is delivered but will be the day you are charged for the order, so you will need to skip the order before you are billed for it.

    For example: If you are billed on a Tuesday for your box and receive it on a Saturday, you will have to skip the delivery before the Tuesday of that week.

    If you have paid for your box but it is still more than 72 hours before your delivery day, then please reach out to customer service team and they will skip the order for you.

     If you accidentally skipped the wrong one or have changed your mind, then this can be undone by clicking ‘Recover shipment’.

  • I have paid for a box but not received it yet, can I still skip that box?

    Possibly! If you have paid for your order and it is more than 72 hours until you will receive your box, then please reach out to our customer service team and then will skip your order for you.

    If it is less than 72 hours unfortunately, we cannot skip your order as your produce will have already started its journey from the farm to your house and we aim to have zero wasted produce! However, we could update the delivery address if a family member or friend could use the box instead of yourself. If you have more questions, then please reach to our customer service team and then will help you make the right decision!

  • Can I pause my subscription?

    Yes, you can! In order to pause your subscription log into your account and click ‘Manage Subscription’ and expand the ‘Manage Upcoming Orders’ section. At the top click the ‘Pause future orders’ button to pause all future orders.

    When you are ready to resume your subscription log into your account and click ‘Manage Subscription’ and then next to ‘Next Order:’ there is the option to ‘Resume future orders’.This will resume your subscription and you will start receiving your boxes again on the same day as before.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yeah of course! You can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, log into your account, click ‘Manage Subscription’ and expand the 'Cancel Subscription' section. You can then click ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm that you would like to cancel. There will then be notification that confirms that the subscription was cancelled.

    Remember you can always skip orders or pause your subscription if you only need a break from receiving boxes and you don’t want to completely cancel.

  • How do I reactivate my subscription?

    If you have cancelled your subscription but changed your mind, log in to your account and click ‘manage subscriptions’ then click ‘View Inactive Subscriptions’. This will show any previous subscriptions that you had with pale green dot, choose the one you want to reactivate and click ‘Reactivate Subscription’ and then confirm that you wish to reactive the subscription.You will then be able to see when the next billing date will be (this might be different from the day it was when your subscription was initially set up) but your delivery day will remain the same.

  • How can I see my past orders?

    If you click the small person at the top right of your screen you can log into your account. You might need to create an account if it is the first time you have logged in, but once you have logged in all your past orders will be listed on your account homepage. If you would like more information about an order then click the order number on the left hand side.

  • How do I remove items from my subscription?

    Please contact our customer service team and they will remove the products you no longer wish to receive from your subscription.

  • Can I add to my order/subscription after I have checked out?

    Of course! Any additional orders placed while logged into your account before 8pm the day before your scheduled delivery will arrive with your order.

  • When do I get charged for my box?

    You get charged when you place an order/start a subscription.

    If you have started a subscription, you will get charged on the same day of the week as the day you signed up, regardless of which day you selected for a delivery day.

    For example: If you started your weekly subscription on a Tuesday and selected Friday as the delivery day you will be charged for your box every Tuesday going forward.

     ** If you select the delivery day to be the same as the day you signed up, for example you signed up on a Saturday and selected Saturday for delivery you will be billed 7 days before your boxes arrive. Your first box would arrive 7 days after you signed up but you would also be charged on that Saturday for the following week’s box. **

  • How do I update my payment details?

    Please contact our customer service team and they will send you a link to update your payment details. If your payment fails we will not deliver your boxes until we receive payment which could result in you missing a week.


  • Where do you deliver?

    We currently deliver to:

    London, within the M25 

    Brighton and Hove 

    Sussex, Surrey and West Kent -- between the A3 and A21 

    The M25 Orbit - the series of towns around the M25 (set days)

    Exact delivery areas can be found at

    We have a postcode checker on every product to ensure we do deliver to your area. Please ensure you use the postcode of the address the box will be delivered to.

  • Will you be expanding your delivery area?

    We are continually working to expand our delivery area and deliver to as many households in the UK as possible. If you have used our postcode checker and we don’t deliver to your area yet then remember to leave you email address so we can contact you as soon as we deliver to your area!

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Delivery is free for all subscription boxes!

    A small delivery fee of £2.90 is added to any one-off orders of less than £30.

  • Do you offer next day delivery?

    We sure do! Most of our products have next day delivery Monday-Saturday at no extra cost*, if you place your order before 8pm.

     *A small charge of £2.90 still applies for single box orders under £30

  • What is the cut off time for delivery?

    The cut off time for next day delivery is 8pm so be sure to get your order for super fresh produce in before then!

  • What if I’m not home when you deliver my box?

    Our driver will look for a safe ‘hidden’ spot to leave your box. If there is nowhere available then we will try to redeliver the next day.

    Please leave alternative delivery instructions with customer service if you know you aren't going to be in.

  • I want to get a box delivered as a gift, is this possible?

    Yeah, we love to hear about people gifting our boxes! Just make sure that when you are putting in the postcode and delivery address that you put in the lucky person's address that is receiving the box. You can then choose a different billing address for making the payment.

     Note: Our boxes don’t have delivery labels on them so please make sure the person receiving the gift knows that it is coming!

  • How do I change my delivery address?

    Log in to your account and under account details click ‘Addresses’. From here you can edit, remove and add new addresses. You can also change the default address (which is the one we use for deliveries).

    If you have paid for a box but haven’t yet received it, any changes to your address won’t take effect until the following order. If you need to update your address for an order you have already paid for them please speak with our customer service team.

  • Are deliveries plastic free?

    Almost! Not every delivery is completely plastic free, however we do aim to use as little plastic as possible. We only use plastic where we really need to and we are continually working to reduce this where possible.

  • How is my order packaged?

    We package all our delivery in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes!

Problems + Troubleshooting

  • I didn’t receive all the items that I ordered.

    We are sorry that this has happened! Sometimes mistakes happen or we run out of stock but we will definitely get this sorted for you. Please reach out to our customers service team and they will help you as quickly as possible.

    If you we have ran out of something, our customer service team will automatically refund you for the products that you didn’t receive.

  • I have an issue with my box, what should I do?

    In the rare occasion you have a problem with your box we would love to hear your feedback and how we can sort this issue for you. Please reach out to our customer service team and we will be more than happy to look into this issue and get it sorted right away for you.

Didn't find the answer?

If you can’t find the answer to your question then please reach out to one of our customer service team who will be more than happy to answer your question for you!