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Our crowdfunding is live!

This is your chance to own a piece of Pale Green Dot and join us on our exciting journey

Our campaign will give you the unique opportunity to help us grow as a business in our mission to fix a broken food system from the bottom up, one veg box at a time.

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Waste Loop

Closing the loop

Our Mission

30% of all food produced for human consumption is wasted, half of that wastage occurs between the farm and the kitchen.

Consumers want to understand the environmental impact of the food they are eating and it’s clear that we need a new approach to growing, procuring and supplying fresh produce.

Pale Green Dot is on a mission to fix a broken food system by creating a traceable and circular food economy

Invest Now

An investment for the future, how YOU can get involved

Our crowdfunding campaign goes beyond just expanding our business. 

With your support we will further improve on the sustainability of our operations; begin work to upgrade our fleet of vehicles to be fully electric, creating a carbon-zero ‘last mile’ delivery network and greater investment in our two farms. 

Crucially, we will be able to further extend the accountability we offer our customers through continued calculation of the carbon footprint of all produce lines.

Which means we will be able to tell you the carbon footprint of your veg box.

Investment will also be made in growth, strategic team appointments and warehouse facilities to improve resource efficiency, which will help Pale Green Dot expand our reach and reduce our operational emissions, furthering our mission of becoming carbon neutral.

With your help we can build a better, more sustainable, food system for all.

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palegreen dot delivery van with sustainability statement on the roof

With your help we can build a better, more sustainable, food system for all.

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- By pre-registering all you are doing is asking to be kept updated on our campaign progress.

- There is no obligation to invest at any point.

- Investment can be from as little as £10