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We’re a sustainably-driven food business working to create a circular food system, supplying sustainably grown produce and responsibly managing waste streams

Our closed loop food system

Be Part of a closed loop fresh food system - from fresh produce to recycled waste.

We collect food waste from commercial kitchens and take it to be processed into biofuel & digestate.

This digestate is then diverted back to land as fertiliser helping to grow next season’s crops.

We then harvest & deliver high quality seasonal British produce back into our restaurant partner’s kitchens.

PGD Partner Farms

Through our sourcing & sustainability teams we have a carefully selected communities of partner farms which we work with to ensure we have the best supply of local & sustainable produce throughout the year.


Argoecological Farming

Our farms use agroecological practices (below) to ensure the quality of the product, soil & local environment is enhanced and improved.

Companion cropping 

No-dig beds

Green manuring 

Crop rotations 



Fresh Seasonal Produce

We have an amazing farming, logistics & packaging team who store & transport all of this amazing produce to ensure its quality & longevity remains.

We also have a zero plastic policy for all of our fresh produce.


Restaurant Kitchens

Our sales & account management team work with some of the UK’s leading chefs & restaurants to help source & update kitchen staff on what’s available each day/week.


Trade Waste Collection

Our waste management team work Chefs & operations teams to tailor our waste collection services to 
best suit your team & building’s needs.

We provide you with our pale green dot sacks, bins or caddies as well as signage to help separate your waste 
on site.

We have various different commercial waste vehicles & drivers in our fleet that can service a wide range of
waste management needs.


Food Waste

We arrange a site visit to help you separate your food waste from your general waste.


Anaerobic Digestion Plant

We transport your waste to an anaerobic digestion facility to ensure it is processed sustainably into energy & digestate.


Energy and Digestate

This energy & digestate is then used to power the national grid & also converted to compost which is then used on the soil of UK farms to grow next season’s crops


Pale Green Dot Closed Food Loop Diagram

+0.5B Tonnes

More than half a billion tonnes of food produced for human consumption globally is wasted between the farm and kitchen

70% of customers

70% of UK customers want restaurants to be able to provide traceability of every ingredient they use