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Our Mission

Pale Green Dot is on a mission to create a better food system by creating a traceable, measurable and circular food economy.

We’ve created a closed-loop food system to reduce food waste and improve traceability whilst working to calculate the carbon footprint of the food we're growing and selling.

Because we know how that produce has been grown we can calculate its impact on the environment and ultimately share this information with our customers to help empower them in their purchasing decisions.

We believe we are the first company in the UK to close the food loop and create a truly circular food economy.


The farms we aim to work with are managed using agroecological practices. This means they are farmed to benefit the soil, produce and environment. These farms use a combination of modern and traditional practices including companion cropping, no-dig beds, green manuring, crop rotations and composting. 

By respecting the complexities of the natural environment, farmers skilfully balance the relationship between land health and local ecology – all with the production of supremely delicious and exceptional quality food.

Food Waste

We provide food waste and recycling collection service to our commercial partners.

Our zero to landfill policy guarantees that all waste collected is utilised to produce energy, fertiliser or new products.

We provide full traceability on where all waste goes, how it is recycled and what is produced from the recycled materials.

Pale Green Dot Foundation

Pale Green Dot are committed to becoming industry leads in the sustainability sector.

Our sustainability team work with a host of not-for-profit and charitable organisations and community groups. We’re developing initiatives that promote an understanding of the impact of the food industry on the environment and public health.  

Through collaborations, events, workshops and campaigns, pale green dot aims to unite chefs, growers and the community to accelerate progress towards promoting awareness, transforming change and empowering people to be conscious environmental citizens.