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Why we practice agro-ecological farming methods

Our methods

Here at pale green dot the farms we prefer to work with are managed using agroecological practices. This means they use low impact and sustainable methods to ensure that their farming improves the soil, has a positive impact on their local community and produces flavour packed produce.

Our farmers adhere to sustainable methods and are very much focused on innovation - finding new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of growing, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront.

These unique methods of farming truly make us stand out from the veg box crowd. It gives our farmers the ability to grow unique varieties of produce and go against the grain with experimental growing techniques. It also gives us all an exact understanding of the growing calendar, which due to factors such as the weather or experimental growing techniques, is always changing…

Agroecological Farming Methods Fresh Produce Agroecological Farming Methods Fresh Produce

Agro-ecological Farming

Agroecology is a farming approach inspired by natural eco-systems, it is sustainable farming that actively works with nature. Here at pale green dot we use this method at our glasshouse farms.

To really understand the ecological journey of how our food is grown and then to how it then ends up on our plates we must go beyond the regular supermarket or the grocery store.

It is through attention to detail and understanding that everything; soil health, water quality, air quality, pest control, disease control, biodiversity etc, are all equally important factors, that we can grow delicious quality produce.

Our farmers are passionate about ensuring that quality produce is accessible for all - and we agree. So whether our seasonal produce ends up in the kitchens of Michelin starred restaurants or in the family kitchen, we are committed to supplying quality, sustainably grown produce that is available and delicious for all.