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Venison Swap Box

We're excited to annoucne that we have just launched our 'Venison Swap Box'. This is a direct response to the environmental challenge that a growth in the wild deer population in the UK has presented.

This delicious and nutritious wild meat has seen a huge decline in consumption since lockdown. Sales of venison are down 80% following the closure of restaurants, and if deer numbers are not controlled populations could rise by as much as 30% each year.

Deer culling helps to maintain the welfare of the herds and other species, and vitally protects crops, and woodlands which can be destroyed by deer herds.

Stephanie Lykourgou, Chief Sustainability Officer at Pale Green Dot says: “We want to encourage people to swap venison for beef when cooking. There are so many environmental and health reasons to support this. At 12.5kg of greenhouse gas emissions (made up of predominantly methane and CO2) per kilo of meat, the carbon footprint of venison is almost 40% less than beef, which causes around 20.5kg of GHG emissions per kilo,” she says.

“Our venison comes from Sussex and travels less than 50 miles to most of our customers, which is really low food miles for meat.”

Iona McCaie, Head of Marketing at Pale Green Dot, says that deer meat is a fabulous natural resource found all over the UK that we just don’t take enough advantage of: “Venison is the healthiest red meat available, and it’s really easy to cook, but it’s seen as a speciality or luxury item for many people. In fact its excellent value, plentiful, and very much part of our culinary heritage. We want to make it accessible, and have chosen cuts that cook beautifully and are simple to prepare at home on a regular basis.”

The box includes 500 g of mince, 500g of diced haunch and 650g of sausages, priced at £22.50 per box.