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Pale Green Dot to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Pale Green Dot, a sustainability-driven produce company, is about to launch its first crowdfunding campaign, with a target raise of £600,000.  Over the last 14 months, Pale Green Dot has evolved from a forward-thinking fresh produce wholesaler, working to deliver transparency and close the food loop, into a multi-channel operator which now sits across the commercial (B2B) and consumer (D2C) sectors. 

Pale Green Dot are believed to be the only UK company to provide a closed-loop food system to the hospitality industry. This means:

  • they grow, source and deliver fresh produce to restaurants, hotels and homes across the South East
  • they collect commercial kitchen waste streams, with zero to landfill
  • food waste is turned into green energy that powers the National Grid and a natural bio-fertilizer, called digestate
  • this digestate is then taken to farms as a fertiliser to grow next season’s crops

What is their vision?  To promote a closed-loop food system by providing chefs what they currently can’t get: information on the carbon footprint of every product line, from production through to recycling.  With this, they and their organisations will have a powerful tool on their journey to become carbon neutral.  Restaurants will be better able to calculate the carbon footprint of their menus, allowing increasingly environmentally-aware consumers to create bottom-up demand for the creation of lower-carbon dishes.

Dray Simpson, CEO and Founder says “We’re incredibly excited about delivering the vision that Pale Green Dot set out to achieve and we want to take people on this journey with us to create a more sustainable and traceable food system. 

“We believe that we offer a great investment opportunity - harnessing the bottom-up demand from consumers for greater traceability and accountability at a time when the hospitality industry is poised to grow significantly.”

Pale Green Dot will use the funds raised to start upgrading their fleet of vehicles to be fully electric, create a carbon zero ‘last mile’ delivery network and invest further in their farms to continue their research into regenerative and low impact farming methods whilst calculating the carbon footprint of all produce lines.

Investment will also be made in growth, strategic team appointments and warehouse facilities to expand capacity while improving efficiency, which will help Pale Green Dot expand their geographic reach and reduce their own operational carbon footprint as they help their customers achieve greater sustainability gains.

Pre-registration for priority access to their crowdfunding campaign is now open, hosted on Seedrs, their chosen funding platform. To follow their campaign or to register your interest click here.