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Pale Green Dot Foundation Created

At Pale Green Dot we’re proud to have undertaken a number of projects over the years to support our community and promote education around sustainable food. We’ve decided to take this work even further by establishing Pale Green Dot Foundation which will act as an educational platform to promote a positive and sustainable food system for all.

Pale Green Dot Foundation’s founding mission is to achieve social and environmental change through food. Working with not-for-profit organisations and community groups, we’re developing initiatives to educate and empower people to be conscious environmental citizens through their understanding of and participation in the food chain.

From field to fork, we will explore how our food system can be better utilised to reduce global emissions, conserve natural resources, protect growers’ welfare, support communities, and achieve food security for all.


For schools and parents, we will be providing educational resources on our website and delivering in-class workshops, focusing on how food is produced, the importance of food for wellbeing, the relationship between food and the environment and exploring issues such as food waste.

Food Donation

We’ll be continuing to support our communities by running gleaning projects amongst our partner farms and donating rescued food to food charities across London and the South East, in addition to existing partnerships with organisations such as Tempo, Earth Cubs and The Hunger Project.

Sustainable Farming Research

Finally, we’ll be maintaining our commitment to furthering research into regenerative farming, soil biodiversity, the impact of growing practices on nutrition and ways in which food production can respond to climate change by conducting and facilitating research projects on our farms, then sharing this vital knowledge widely amongst our farming peers to support others in using food as a force for good.

Scaling Up

Stephanie Lykourgou, Chief Sustainability Officer at Pale Green Dot said ‘Pale Green Dot has already worked on some brilliant projects with charities, schools and not-for-profits. Our Foundation will act as a springboard to help us reach a larger audience, scale up our research, and drive us on to achieving B-Corp status’.