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Pale Green Dot create partnership with Tempo Time Credits

We are proud to partner with Tempo Time Credits in supporting the fantastic and essential work of volunteers.  We’ll be bringing their volunteers our seasonal and sustainable fruit & veg boxes in exchange for their hard work.

Tempo is an inspirational organisation who unite volunteers with charities and community groups to develop a world in which communities build themselves through enabling more individuals and more diverse groups of people to volunteer and support their local communities. They seek to develop communities where paid and voluntary work are treated with equal respect.

Volunteers earn Tempo Time Credits through volunteering, they can then ‘redeem’ their credits against a range of activities, products or services to recognise them for the invaluable work they are doing.

Emily Hopper, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Pale Green Dot said ‘Inspiring good health and giving back to communities is at the forefront of Pale Green Dot’s mission with Tempo. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Tempo to offer their volunteers our incredible fresh produce in exchange for their hard-earned Tempo Time Credits. By spending your Tempo Time Credits with us you are supporting local farmers and achieving your sustainability goals both environmentally and socially with us and with Tempo.’

 Roisin Donovan, Partnerships Manager at Tempo Time Credits said ‘It’s great to have Pale Green Dot onboard, who will be our first permanent recognition partner who offers groceries to volunteers by delivering fresh fruit and vegetable boxes to their doors. We are very happy to be working alongside a company with such high ethical standards and like us, align their business objectives with helping other people.’

Pale Green Dot is the first permanent recognition partner to work with Tempo to provide a fresh produce offer. We’re offering volunteers 20% off an ongoing subscription to a Premium Fruit and Veg box in exchange for three Tempo Time Credits.