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How to replant your veg scraps

Grow your own veg box and cut food waste

Aside from an abundance of root veg, you might find living lettuce and beautifully sweet tomatoes in your boxes this week. What is living lettuce you might ask? Living lettuce comes with its roots attached so it keeps your leaves fresher for longer and it means you can replant it too. Keep it in a glass of water on a windowsill for a few days, then if you have the space, plant the root in rich, healthy soil and you’ll see it start to regrow – keep eating away at the bigger outer leaves and keep the smaller inner core intact. 

We’re thrilled to see many of you doing this already, so we’ve taken the opportunity to ask our farmer, Abi, to give us more windowsill tips for regrowing your veg box scraps – all they need is water, light and patience. Enjoy your springtime salads guys! 


Grow your own veg scraps: Abi's top tips!

There are so many veggies you can regrow from the stubs so don’t throw them away! 

Lop the tops off leeks, celery, spring onions and lettuce and place their butts in water. You can also grow leaves and shoots from your carrots and beetroot ends, sprouted garlic and onion roots

Regrowing Carrot Scarps Regrowing Onion Scarps Regrowing Celery Scarps

Pop them in water and place in a light room but not in direct midday sun – change the water daily and be patient. Some take at least a week to sprout. 

When you see sprouts you can pot them into rich soil, covering over the root and leaving the shoots in the light. 

I’ll be watching mine grow over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Try it yourself and let us know how yours are doing. Tag us on social media @palegreendot using #growyourownvegbox