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How lockdown completely changed my diet

Juicy tomatoes and fresh kale hand picked from our glasshouse farms!

My Journey to Veganism

Oke Omoniyi

Lockdown forced us all to adapt in ways we thought were once impossible. When all of our restaurants, schools, leisure centres and pretty much everything else shut their doors for what felt like forever back in March, nobody could prepare us for the drastic change that would ensue and particularly for me, a complete 360 change in diet. 

The hospitality industry, our core customers, was hit incredibly hard. Being a pale green dot team member I witnessed how quickly, as a business, we had to diversify in order to stay afloat. Our clients were some of London and the South East’s finest restaurants, hotels and caterers, who were all now closed.


How lockdown changed my diet

Fried black beans, plantain, peppers, cous cous, sweet potato, lettuce , chilies and coriander


As we adapted to the changing landscape our roles changed and the majority of the team immersed themselves in customer service and operations roles - supporting the surge in new domestic customers.

It was through working in the customer service team and helping to manage our social media account that I really became inspired to try a more plant based diet. I witnessed on a daily basis the plethora of great feedback on our veg boxes but also lots of pictures of recipes from customers who had created and sent over their yummy creations to the team!

Whilst this transition proved difficult at first, it did bring the pale green dot team closer together. Making sure every customer query was taken care of; the pregnant women isolating, the elderly couples who could not leave their house, families avoiding supermarkets - we tailored our delivery service to everyone within reach and in need. It really felt like we were all making a positive difference.


How lockdown changed my diet


It was not long before I ordered a veg box of my own, experimenting in the kitchen during lunch breaks. I was fascinated by not only the high quality vegetables, but also the variety and ways in which I could cook new recipes just from plants! From roasting carrots but also using the carrot top to create pesto or making a hearty soup one afternoon from last night's butternut squash leftovers, the possibilities were endless. Before I knew it I had seamlessly transitioned from a meat based diet to a plant based one.

I quickly realised that having a regular veg box, sourced from local farms, delivered straight to my doorstep gave me more autonomy over my food, body and mind - something I could not always find from a supermarket.

Nearly six months later and I’m still following to a plant based diet. I am enjoying this journey and though there have been bumps along the way, the most important thing is to keep on going!