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Free School Meals: No child should go hungry


Following on from the free schools campaign, pale green dot is proud to support the London and Brighton community school meal activities this half term.

In just a matter of days it has been incredible to witness how communities from across the UK have come together to provide a free meal to children in need this half-term. Over the weekend here at pale green dot we have been doing our part to help. We have donated over 400 pieces of fruit and veg from our partners to kitchens, pubs and restaurants in London and Brighton, with more drops planned for later in the week. It's the obvious thing to do.

We are proud to be currently supporting the following establishments as they help their local communities:

The Plough, Hackney

Gems Wholesome Kitchen, Brighton

Prince Arthur, Hackney

Duke of Richmond, Hackney

Flat Earth Pizza, Hackney